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Create LinkedFusion Sequences through Google Sheets
Create LinkedFusion Sequences through Google Sheets

Learn how to integrate Google Sheet with LinkedFusion. Import your data from Google Sheet to LinkedFusion prospects.

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How does this integration work?

This Integration enables LinkedFusion Sequences to Connect with your Google Spreadsheet and use that as Target Audience. This basically allows LinkedFusion Sequences to add new prospects to the sequence whenever a new LinkedIn Profile is added to the Spreadsheet without hitting LinkedIn Search Limits.

Which other services could you use with this Integration?

You can connect 3rd Party services like ZoomInfo, SoLeadify, ClearBit, etc. which provides the Lead Data with LinkedIn profile URLs, Use that with Google Spreadsheet and Automate your Outreach using LinkedFusion.

To Read More Click Here

To Read More Click Here

Follow the instructions given below to Setup your Integration

1. Open Settings Tab in LinkedFusion, and go to Global Settings.

2. Connect LinkedFusion with your Google Account. (LinkedFusion is still new to the market, and is still under the Google Validation Process. If in the meantime, if you see a warning from Google while signing in, then kindly click on Advance and then click on Continue with LinkedFusion).

3. Once your Google Account is Connected, go back to the Sequences Tab, and click on Add New Button.

4. After that, select the sequence type as Invitation Sequence, Title your Sequence, and select the desired working hours.

5. Now the next step will be to Define Your Target Audience. Here select Google Sheet as the option, and click Create Sheet Button. Name your Sheet and click on submit to create a new Spreadsheet for your LinkedFusion Sequence.

6. Once the spreadsheet has been created, click on the Name of the spreadsheet and that will take you to your spreadsheet in your google account. Here you can put headers or headings to your spreadsheet columns.

7. Once that's done, go back to LinkedFusion Sequence Page, and click on Import Button next to the name of the spreadsheet. This will import all the Headings from the spreadsheet that you created in Step 6.

8. Select the column name that will contain the LinkedIn Profile URLs of your Prospects and click on the Submit button below.

9. The Final Step would be to add some messages to your Sequence. Once that's done, click on Submit Button to Save the Sequence.

10. Now you can start the sequence, and whenever any new LinkedIn profiles are added to your spreadsheet, those profiles will be automatically enrolled in your LinkedFusion Sequence. Enjoy fully automated sequences.

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