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Sales Navigator's Lead List with LinkedFusion
Sales Navigator's Lead List with LinkedFusion

A Step-by-Step Walkthrough for using Sales Navigator's Lead List with LinkedFusion

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Sales Navigator's Lead List

Custom Lists are a great way to organize your workflow and keep track of leads, accounts, and existing clients.

With Sales Navigator Lead Lists, you can:

  1. Segment your pipeline based on what’s relevant to you.

  2. Share your Lists with others to collaborate more effectively.

  3. Take notes or collaborate on your lead or account directly within a List.

  4. Prioritize your Lists based on Sales Navigator Spotlights.

Create a Sales Navigator Lead List

  1. Open Sales Navigator's Hope Page and Click on Lists at the top of the screen

2. Once inside Lists, select Lead Lists and Click on 'Create Lead List'.

3. Give a Name to the List and write a description for your list and click Create

4. Now we have to add Leads to this List. For that open the Sales Navigator Home Page and do a search for your Target Audience.

5. After that look for the Leads that you think are perfect for your Campaign and click on Save Button next to their profile, and select the List which you create earlier.

6. Similarly, add all the leads that you think are perfect by repeating step 5

Add a Sales Navigator Lead List to LinkedFusion

  1. Open Sales Navigator's Home Page and click on 'All Filters' -> 'Lead Filters'

2. Once inside 'Lead Filters', look for the 'Custom List' title and change the type to Leads

3. Select the Lead List you want to add to LinkedFusion and click Search

4. Copy the Sales Navigator Search URL and add it to LinkedFusion Target Audience

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Reach back to us if you have any questions regarding this Walkthrough.

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