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Lead Connect to LinkedFusion Data Transfer
Lead Connect to LinkedFusion Data Transfer

In this article, I'll show the step to transfer your data from Lead Connect account to LinkedFusion Account.

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Follow these steps to Download the Data From Lead Connect

  1. Open Lead Connect Dashboard -> Prospect Section.

  2. Click on Export Leads, and select the date option. Here in the date put the start date as at least 1 year old or the date from when you started using Lead Connect.

  3. The end date needs to be the current date.

  4. Don't apply any other filter, and directly click on Export Leads Button.

  5. This will download you the Prospects List of all the prospects you ever contacted using this LC account.

Follow these steps to Upload the Data To LinkedFusion

  1. Open the Prospect List you downloaded from Lead Connect.

  2. Copy the Column with LinkedIn URLs, and paste it in a new SpreadSheet.

  3. Delete the Header of the Column, and download this file as a CSV file

  4. Open Blacklist Section in LinkedFusion and select Profiles.

  5. Upload the CSV file with all LinkedIn Profiles to Blacklist

Doing so will move the data of all the prospects you ever contacted using Lead Connect to LinkedFusion. And it will ensure that you don't reach out to a prospect that you already tried to connect once using Lead Connect.

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