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How to stop LinkedFusion Subscription
How to stop LinkedFusion Subscription

Process to Cancel/Terminate your LinkedFusion Subscription

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Wanting to Cancel Due to LinkedIn's Weekly Invitation Limits?

Try our Boosted Invites Feature that lets you overcome Linkedin's Weekly Limits. Read more here.

Another Reason?

Our Support is always open to hearing out. If you're having any problems, feel free to reach out and explain the reason you feel to cancel. The team will try to offer you the best possible solution.

Want to Cancel Anyway?

Follow these Steps to Stop/ Cancel Your LinkedFusion Subscription:

  1. Open LinkedFusion Dashboard, and open Subscription Section from Left Menu

  2. You will find a Change Button, next to the name of the account, and click on Cancel next to your Account.

If you can't find the Cancel Button in the Subscription Section, request your account cancellation to [email protected]

Once Cancelled you will have access to the premium function till the end of your billing period.

Note: If you're requesting Support for account cancellation, then the cancellation process can take up to 48-72 working hours.

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