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Booster Feature to Send More Invites using LinkedFusion
Booster Feature to Send More Invites using LinkedFusion

One & only Linkedin Automation tool that allows you to send more Invites without using Prospect’s Email Address

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As you may have noticed, LinkedIn's new policy has recently restricted all users to send a maximum of 100 connections per week.

Finally, we have a solution to the questions everyone has been asking about the LinkedIn algorithm limiting you from sending more invitations and connection requests. can easily send more than 700 Invites per week on LinkedIn.🤩

So what's the solution? Using LinkedFusion you can easily send more Invitation requests using this Booster feature.

No, it's not using email id...!!! Yes, you read it right.

Do you want to know - How? Let's create a sequence and see it practically.

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How to Setup the Booster Sequence?

Step 1: Navigate To Sequences Tab, and click on Add New to create a new Invitation sequence.

Step 2: Give a Name to your sequence. Add at what time you want to run the sequence. And just turn ON the Booster/Smart mode as shown below in the image.

A) Boosted Invites:

Here the tool sends connection requests directly using our logic & API key that directly sends connection requests from your LinkedIn account to your potential Prospects.

B) Smart Mode:

Here the tool sends connection requests first using an Email id from our database. (So not compulsory to enter your Email finder API key in the Integration tab). If we didn't find it from our database, then we use our API key to send connection requests directly to your Prospects.

Step 3: Add your target audience to whom you wish to send a connection request.

Step 4: Write the first connection message using tags and later set up the follow-up messages as usual.

For any further help, you can contact our expert on Chat or email on [email protected]

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