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LinkedIn temporarily broke down...!! Issue Resolved
LinkedIn temporarily broke down...!! Issue Resolved

Did your account got restricted? Don't panic. Linkedin has resolved this technical issue from their end

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Dear User,

Heads-up from LinkedFusion.

Another wave of account restrictions has been started by LinkedIn on 20th Oct'21, as it appears from multiple complaints on their official Twitter page:

Don't panic just yet. A lot of LinkedIn accounts have received false-positive warnings (as you can see in the image below) that they allegedly are using an automation tool or high profile views, when in fact people have only accepted a few connection requests, for example.

Such account restrictions may have affected random LinkedIn users, no matter if they use an automation tool or work manually.

The LinkedIn tech team has fixed the issue:

Still on safer side we have ensured that tool stop sending new Invites on that day once it skips 50 Profile views per day when sent through email. From next day onwards it will send Invites as usual. Also the time interval to perform task on LinkedIn has been increased.

If you're still facing the issue and found your account restricted, we recommend contacting LinkedIn's support team to claim your account back.

Best regards,
LinkedFusion Team

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