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LinkedIn Event Targeting

Your guide to perform outreach on attendees from a LinkedIn Event

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Introducing the most savage feature ๐Ÿ”ฅ out there to perform outreach for the most potential leads available on LinkedIn.

LinkedFusion has come up with this new feature that allows you to reach out to the attendees on a LinkedIn Event. Now, this doesn't really mean that you have to host a LinkedIn Event and invite a ton of people to it, instead, you can join anyone's upcoming event and target all the attendees and send them a personalized message, and add them to your sequences.

Here are the steps to run a LinkedFusion Sequence for a LinkedIn Event.

Step 1: Look for the LinkedIn event you think you can find the most potential leads for your business. And hit the Attend button for the event.

Step 2: Look for Networking Section on the Event Page, and look for See All button. The button will show you all the Event Attendees.

Step 3: Once all the attendees are available on the screen, we can apply some filters so we only reach out to the prospects most suited for our sequence. Adding filters is optional.

Step 4: Once everything is ready, copy the URL.

Step 5: Create a Messaging Sequence in LinkedFusion, navigate to Target Audience Page. Guide to Getting Started with Sequence.

Step 6: Once on the target audience page, add the link that we copied in Step 4 to the sequence and continue to the messaging section.

Step 7: Setup your messages and hit submit to start the sequence.

P.s. If the event attendees are more than 1000, then please ensure to increase the daily limits gradually.

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