If you're a HubSpot user then you would have surely received an email from HubSpot regarding the Upcoming HubSpot API Key Sunset.

Yes, this is true. HubSpot is suspending its old API key and is now asking third-party services to build a HubSpot App if they need to perform any operations (adding new contact or companies, or updating contact information, etc.) inside the HubSpot CRM of their customers.

To make the HubSpot - LinkedFusion integration seamless, we have also added a Private app for LinkedFusion on the HubSpot marketplace.

Here are the steps to switch your Current HubSpot Integration to the updated version.


  1. Navigate to Integration and then to HubSpot Settings.

  2. Disconnect the current Integration.

  3. Now, in the left menu navigate to the Integration Section, and then to the HubSpot Settings.

  4. In the HubSpot setting, click on Connect HubSpot button to continue with the HubSpot Authentication.

  5. Select the Account you want to connect with, and hit Next.

  6. Activate the Integration

  7. Select the Contact Owner, the contact created in HS will be added under this HubSpot Owner

These are all the steps required to set-up this integration.

For any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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